Revisional Bariatric Surgery in Tamarac, FL

What Is Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

Revisional bariatric surgery is a procedure that may be recommended if you have undergone weight loss surgery in the past but failed to see results. It may also be necessary if your previous bariatric surgery resulted in health complications, such as ulcers or tearing, that need to be addressed. At Fernando E Bayron MD, we perform revisional bariatric surgery using a sophisticated robotic-assisted system that offers greater precision and control with minimal scarring. This treatment is a complex procedure that should be carried out by a skilled and experienced surgeon so if you need revisional bariatric surgery, we urge you to reach out to our Tamarac, FL practice as soon as possible to discuss your options.

How Does Revisional Bariatric Surgery Work?

During your consultation, we'll discuss your prior surgery and any complications you might be dealing with. We may also perform x-rays or endoscopy to get a better look at your digestive organs. Depending on what we find and your surgical history, we may recommend a gastric bypass revision, gastric sleeve revision, or gastric band removal. Revisional bariatric surgery at Fernando E Bayron MD is performed using general anesthesia and the cutting-edge da Vinci® robotic surgical system to allow for a more comfortable, precise procedure. After your surgery, you'll likely need to rest at the hospital for a few days. As you recover, we can discuss further steps to help you heal and manage your weight.

What Are the Benefits of Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

The main purpose of revisional bariatric surgery is to address complications from past surgeries or improve your weight loss results. A few of the benefits of revisional bariatric surgery at our Tamarac, FL practice are:

  • Reduces discomfort or complications from prior bariatric surgeries
  • Improves weight loss results
  • Helps reduce risk of obesity-related diseases and health concerns, such as type 2 diabetes or fatty liver disease
  • Robotic-assisted surgery minimizes risk of complications or excessive scarring

Dr. Bayron-Velez is very attentive and knowledge. He made me feel heard and addressed my concerns. Highly recommend. Office staff was very nice as well and wait was not long.

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Dr. Barton-Velez is very attentive and knowledge. He made me feel heard and addressed my concerns. Highly recommend. Office staff was very nice as well and wait was not long.

S.S. Google

No waiting time make it a very convenient for a patient with a busy schedule, & Dr. Bayron - Velez & staff are very professional

J.B. Google

The best MD that have treated me in a long time, my surgery went well with minimum pain, he took the time to explain everything to me before and after Surgery. the staff was exceptional therecwas always someone available to explain/answer my questions Dr. Bayron thank you very much, Sonia Barrett-Watson

S.C. Google

Everything has been a smooth process for my gastric sleeve. All staff have been helpful & informative during this whole process. My surgery went great and I feel great since. No pain or nausea. Highly recommend my surgeon and his whole staff.

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What are the reasons why a person might need revisional bariatric surgery?

Revisional bariatric surgery may be required if the initial surgery doesn't provide the expected weight loss or if complications develop. Common reasons include lackluster weight loss results, weight regain, or physical issues such as strictures or ulcers. This procedure adjusts or corrects the previous surgery to improve outcomes and resolve complications.

Will insurance cover revisional bariatric surgery?

Insurance coverage for revisional bariatric surgery can vary. Generally, if the surgery is deemed medically necessary due to complications, insurance plans may cover some of the costs. However, it's crucial to check with your insurance provider. Our team will be happy to work with you to clarify the details of your policy.

Are there any risks with revisional surgery?

All surgical procedures carry risks, but the advanced techniques we use at Fernando E Bayron MD help to minimize these risks. Potential complications can include infections, bleeding, or issues from anesthesia, though these are rare. We use minimally invasive methods to enhance safety and recovery, ensuring a smoother and more effective outcome.

Set Yourself Up for Weight Loss Success

At Fernando E Bayron MD, we understand that bariatric surgery is a major decision for your health, which makes it all the more frustrating when you don't get the results you want. If your past surgery has created complications or failed to produce meaningful weight loss, our team may be able to help. To learn more about our process for revisional bariatric surgery, schedule a consultation at our practice in Tamarac, FL today.

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